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    13 - A Day in my Multi-Cultural Life, by Kathryn de Bruin, $75, [1 Clip, 40 min's], 0-CEU’s

    • A day in my multi-cultural life, by Kathryn de Bruin

    • A Comprehensive Assessment

A day in my multi-cultural life

by Kathryn de Bruin

It’s vital to do a thorough Assessment with every client that you work with in your practice, albeit an individual, a couple or a family. You have your early Stage of Treatment to collect this information, but there is a lot to listen for! Attunement will guide you to the stories that are important in getting to know each client, and each story told will give you information that you can use to conceptualize who your client is, in the greater context of their life experience.

This 45min presentation of my life story, will give you an example of how client’s stories yield important assessment information. When you buy this program you will also receive a thorough Assessment question package with over 250 Assessment Questions.