Adaptations to Consider when Providing EFT in a Shame/Honor Culture.

It's important to know who needs to be in your therapy office. 

Do you know who holds the most power in the family system or in the community? Do you know who to address questions to in order to build an alliance and have influence with the family system?

This hour-long presentation will help you discern which culture you most represent, and will then discuss adaptations if you are working in a shame/honor culture.

Meet the Trainer


Carmen Ranalli Morrison

Carmen Ranalli Morrison, M.A./Ph.D. is a bilingual licensed clinical psychologist with 25 years’ experience working with marriages and families. Along with her husband, she started Reclaim Life International, a nonprofit organization bringing grass roots led, self-replicating, cutting edge mental health interventions to urban poor communities in the developing world. She is the owner and clinical supervisor of LifeGrowth Psychological Services, Inc., a private practice in Boyertown, PA and College Station, TX. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and also holds an M.S. Ed. from Alfred University. She is the mother of three adult children and has been married for 33 years