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EFT Triage

Managing Betrayals and Bleed Outs Using EFT

  • Get on-going support from EFT trainers
  • Learn to treat relational betrayals as attachment injuries
  • Explorethe relationship of attachment security and recovery
  • Review steps to attachment injury resolution

About EFT Triage/UnBroken Bonds

  • EFT Triage /UnBroken Bonds is a series of online meetings to support EFT couples therapists-in-training.  
  • (Note: if a group is rescheduled we will make it up throughout the year and all groups are recorded so if you miss the group you may still be able to watch the group depending on the clinical release of information.) 
  • During the year, we will invite other seasoned EFT trainers to present cases with attachment injuries so we may deepen our understanding and application ofEFT.



  • You need to have completed the EFT Externship and preferably (but not mandatory) have started or completed the EFT Core Skills process.
  • There is also an initial commitment of six-months, after which you may cancel at anytime with a  30-day notice.


  • As mentioned above, this group requires a six-month commitment. 
  •  We offer two payment options for your convenience:
  •  we can set up monthly payments of $55 for a six-month period; OR,
  •  we can collect a one-time payment of $330 which includes six consecutive groups, after the first six months you will be billed automatically at the rate of $55 per month.
  •  Billing is once a month depending on the date you signed up.
  •  Thus, you are paying for the groups before they happen. 


Payment method: Credit or Debit cards only. 

We need a card number on file in order to enroll you in monthly billing.

2021/2022 Dates

All meetings take place Thursdays 11 am – 12 pm PST.

Oct 14 2021 Nov 11 2021 Dec 09 2021 Jan 13 2022 Feb 10 2022
Mar 17 2022 Apr 28 2022 May 19 2022 Jun 09 2022 Jul 14 2022
Aug 18 2022 Sep 08 2022 Oct 13 2022 Nov 17 2022 Dec 01 2022