Virtual Core Skills Schedule

9 - 3:30pm PST
Lunch Break 12 - 12:30PST

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    Kathryn de Bruin Core Skills 2023

    • Module 1 - Day 1 - May 25, 2023

    • Module 1 - Day 2 - May 26, 2023

    • Module 2 - Day 1 - Aug 10, 2023

    • Module 2 - Day 2 - Aug 11, 2023

    • Module 3 - Day 1 - Sept 21, 2023

    • Module 3 - Day 2 - Sept 22, 2023

    • Module 4 - Day 1 - Oct 26, 2023

    • Module 4 - Day 2 - Oct 27, 2023

Pricing Options

Ticket 1:

Pay upfront for Core Skills Series and get a discount

$435 instead of $455 x 4 = $1740 (full fee is $1820)

Ticket 2:

Pay upfront for Core Skills Series and get a discount

$435 instead of $455 x 4 = $1740

Add 10 Group Consult Hours usually priced at $25 per hour. Get them for $20 = $200

$200 + $1740 = $1940

Ticket 3:

4 x $455

Ticket 4:

Pay monthly for Core Skills and 10 Group Consult Hours on Autopay

Core Skills 

$455 x 4 = $1820

Add 10 Group Consult Hours priced at $25 per hour. 

$200 + $1820 = $2020

Ticket 5:

2 x $870

Ticket 6:

4 x $300

Student Intern Associate Rate

Virtual EFT Core Skills

About This Training

We use didactic instruction, demonstrations from training tapes, live demonstrations with couples, and provide opportunities for formal and informal case supervision.

Please use the dropdown menu to get information on Virtual EFT Core Skills Trainings coming up at a location near you.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Again, I want to say that it is exciting and can be anxiety provoking to learn a new model of therapy. Please know that this training is an opportunity to play and grow in the EFT model with whatever level of experience you may have. Our group consists of therapists with all levels of experience, as well as students. It is not a competitive environment – it is a safe place to come with the experience you have and to grow in the EFT model. 



We are very fortunate to have several skilled and safe role-play leaders who have been selected and are volunteering their time to support you and make it safe place for you to grow and practice your EFT skills.  They have been selected to be role-play leaders based on their mastery of EFT and their ability to create a safe learning environment for you. They will be here to meet you wherever you are in your learning process and help you grow.  



It is a requirement of this course to present a 10 minute video-clip of your best effort in working with a couple using the EFT model.  The purpose of this requirement is to give you practice in showing your work and to demonstrate some understanding of the EFT model.  It is NOT to show PERFECT EFT.  We will discuss this more at CS 1 and we will also discuss the process of providing confidentiality with your clients. 


Those of you who signed up to present a tape, please bring all of the equipment necessary to both see and hear your clip. You will present your case to your group and use this form in your discussion of the case. Again, this is not to demonstrate perfect EFT – just to show a bit of your work and get feedback.



48 hours of CEUs have been approved for all disciplines. Your CEU certificate will be mailed to you approximately 6-8 weeks after the completion of the training series.



Your comfort is very important to us.  If you have any special needs, please let us know immediately so that we can best assist you.   


In between Core Skills Consultation Group - Group called Trainer Office Hours:

We will be hosting 10 1-hour sessions virtually, in between the Core Skills series, where you can show your work and get your questions about cases answered. This is not mandatory to complete Core Skills but is highly recommended. Having taught participants for many years, we have noticed that participants who attend supervision/consultation between Core Skills trainings go further in developing their EFT skills. The group is called Trainer Office Hours, and the schedule for these meetings is every second Monday, at 10am PST or 11am PST. There are 4 different trainers who facilitate this group, so you will get exposure to lots of different feedback and styles. 

You can come to any of the dates that suit you, and again, you can find the dates for the Trainer Office Hours Consult Group here:

BA (SW); MA (MFT), LMFT, AAMFT, CAMF. Certified EFT Supervisor

Kathryn de Bruin

I am the owner of Kathryn de Bruin Therapy and Training, and a licensed San Diego based Marriage and Family Therapist and Therapist Trainer.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified EFT Supervisor and Trainer
AAMFT Supervisor
Registered Play Therapy Supervisor