Exploring Consensual Non-Monogamy in EFT Couples Therapy

Relationships take many different structures. There are many types of Consensual non-monogamous relationships. It’s essential for EFT Therapists to have a level of comfort having these conversations, to know what types of non-monogamous relationships exist, and to have assessment questions to ask, in order to facilitate conversations about relationship orientation structures.

Featuring Lea El Helou from Therapy with Heart, AZ

This Course Includes: 

  • 45min EFFT Couple Therapy Clip
  • 15min discussion
  • 30min First EFIT session with Individual
  • 10min discussion
  • Final Discussion of both clips with Lea, Rachel Thomas (EFT Supervisor) and Kathryn de Bruin (EFT Trainer) (15 min)
  • A copy of the powerpoint presentation for reviewing

You will see an EFT first session with a mildly distressed clinical couple who are navigating these conversations in their relationship. The same sex couple has one partner who is bisexual and one partner who is poly-amorous, and they talk through how they have adapted to their current agreement of a monogamous relationship with one another.

The second clip is a first session with an individual client, who identifies as monogamous, but is currently in a heterosexual relationship who someone who identifies as polyamorous.

In both clips, the therapists are doing EFT sessions, and the clips demonstrate how to ask questions about relationship orientation preferences.