Training Dates

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    Supervisors Collaborative

    • Supervisors Collaborative - September 23

    • Supervisors Collaborative - October 28

    • Supervisors Collaborative - November 18

    • Supervisors Collaborative - December 02

EFT Supervisor’s Collaborative

The EFT Supervisor’s Collaborative is a FREE resource and discussion meeting to keep Supervisors and Supervisors-in-Training connected, supported and envigorated with special topics including live supervision and clinical presentations.  Everyone is welcome in this group, as long as you are interested and committed to becoming a mentor in the mental health field.

In this series, we will be addressing policy changes as they happen, sharing educational opportunities, highlighting supervisors all over the world, and answering supervisor’s questions. At each monthly meeting, we will have a guest speaker and hot topics to discuss. This will be an interactive meeting designed to support supervisors.

Thursdays once a month

9:00 -10:00 PST 

9/23  | 10/28  | 11/18  | 12/2 

Kathryn de Bruin is our September speaker 

TEDish Speaker for September

Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook is an ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor Candidate with a private practice in Alexandria, Virginia. She is passionate about the EFT model and especially interested in the integration of EFT and sex therapy and EFT and racial impacts on self and relationship. She is currently working on the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate program to help her focus on sex and EFT. Her Masters-level research focused on ethnic identity development in transracial adoptees. This interest stemmed from her personal journey as a biracial person, navigating her ethnic identity while straddling two cultures and with a blend of skin color. Marrying into a Jewish family has been another cultural experience and raising two boys and 2 dog boys has been a wonderful attachment-in-action experience.