Trainers Office Hours

Hosted by Kathryn de Bruin

Join us online for a deeper dive into the EFT model. In each session, there are typically two presentations per hour (30 minutes each). Other group participants learn through observation of the presentation and supervision. You can choose to present a clip (this is done in advance and coordinated prior to the hour) or choose to learn by observing.

Each presentation includes a brief history of the couple, what is known of the cycle, one or two specific questions or areas to focus the supervision, and a 10-15 minute review of the video, plus a discussion.

Dates offered 2x Monthly/ 2nd and 4th Monday at 10am PST.

  • $50 per month
  • $25 per month/Diversity Scholarships (approval required)

We ask that you RSVP for your dates no later than the Friday before the upcoming Monday session, so we have a head count for our sessions.

This group will go from January until November 14th, 2022 then will start up again January 2023. 

*NOTE:  Please access the group through your Trainer Office Hours page within the platform.